The Great Pyramid Stone Courses

Part Eight

Upper Data Sets

Figures Seventeen through Nineteen show some of my attempts to understand the design of the upper courses of the Great Pyramid. These are strictly stabs in the dark. I offer them to show you how I have struggled to find the reasoning behind them.

In Figure Seventeen I reverted to Pyramid Height in attempt to understand Data Set #9. We can see four sequential courses at the beginning of the plot, but their purpose, and if they were "pointing" to some other arrangement is beyond me. The latter part of the plot shows an elliptical curve, which seems reasonable to the data points, but too few in number to have confidence that this is the solution the Designer intended.

Figure Eighteen is a different attempt to understand, but I am not any more convinced of this "solution" than that of the previous one. You can see how an ellipse might be expanded to make a circle. I offer the "sine wave" flow of the previous data points to show the possible speculations in which we might engage.

Figure Nineteen are again speculative efforts to encompass these upper data point by circular solutions.

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